Elysian School District 23

Billings Montana

Post date: Apr 20, 2021

I am pleased to write this letter of reference/recommendation for Bill Murphy. Mr. Murphy through his company Consul-Comp Technologies, has served as our IT manager at Elysian School for over nine years. It has been a pleasure to have personally worked with him for the past six years.

Mr. Murphy has kept Elysian current, up-to-date and prepared for the technology expansion that consistently seems to grow in our educational world. He brings great insight and ingenuity to the yearly updates and projects we face each year. Mr. Murphy is very conscious of our budget limits as he monitors his hours closely and utilizes flexibility and priority in his service to help us remain fiscally responsible, while still delivering quality and responsive service. Whenever purchasing new equipment he will research products and find us the best price possible.

Mr. Murphy is easily accessible by phone, text or email whenever we have issues arise. He many times has been able to walk myself or our staff through quick fixes over the phone. When those times arise where we cannot solve issues this way, he is quick to be at our site trouble shooting and working on the issues at hand. I have complete trust in his work and professionalism to utilize his best judgment providing us sound, relevant and current information and insight to fix issues that occur.

Mr. Murphy stays current in his field always researching and growing. He enjoys working with people. He has a great rapport with our staff. He has been very gracious in supporting education over the years. Recently, he has even teamed up with our Technology instructor and has been assisting the Tech class with various projects, giving our students a further depth of knowledge into this every growing field.

I highly recommend Mr. Murphy to your company or organization. He will work responsibly, effectively, and efficiently to meet your needs.


Luke E. Shelton


(406) 656-4101